Toba City, Mie Prefecture is where Naval Commander Kuki Yoshitaka and his fleet were based during the 16th century. Kuki led his fleet in many battles to unify Japan under Oda Nobunaga and later Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

Toba City has many historic sites and tourist attractions related to the Kuki clan. Among these are the ruins of Toba Castle which was the headquarters of the Kuki clan, Joanji Temple which was the Kuki clan's family temple, as well as the Graves of Kuki Yoshitaka.

The islands off the diverse ria coast are a sight to behold with thriving oyster and pearl cultivation and Japan's largest population of ama (female divers). There are also many hot springs in and around the city. Toba City can be accessed by train from Osaka and Nagoya by train via Kintetsu- and JR Lines. We look forward to your visit.